Name Tarou Hikashi
Alias(s) None, yet.
Gender Masculine
Age Middle Twenties
Race Metahuman
Height 6'1"
Weight 198 lb.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Relationship Status . . .
Occupation Chef


🧊 Tarou tends to be cold and distant to strangers, untrusting of most people due to being betrayed by many of the people he thought were supposed to care for him when he was at a vulnerable age.

🧊 Tarou gained his powers over ice and snow after finding himself a guinea pig for a series of experiments that eventually led to him having to grow up quickly or end up homeless.

🧊 Although he does have a harsh exterior, once he does open up to someone that earns his trust he can be quite the affectionate person.

🧊 He often enjoys cooking for people and loves seeing how they react to it, whether it is good or bad. He strives to be a great chef one day with foods that everyone will adore.

🧊 He has a soft spot for owls, especially barn owls.

Skills & Abilities

Ice Manipulation

Cold Resistance