Alias(s) The Jester
Gender Male
Age Mature
Race ???
Weight 210 lb.
Height 6'3"


The being's true name is unknown to most, simply preferring to be referred to as the Jester. Even fewer know of the Jester's origins since one day he merely set foot on the mortal plane and began doing terrible acts to those who managed to meet his line of sight. However, those few who do know his true intentions seek to avoid an encounter with him at all costs lest they risk the chance of being one of his play things. Just like his namesake, he is a trickster by nature who takes great delight causing chaos and calamity all in the sake of comedy with little regard to the person on the receiving end. Some jokes can be simple and harmless like giving someone a box filled with bees while escalating the highest degree with truly gruesome acts. No matter where he goes, he tends to keep that Jester's outfit on with his face covered by one of his many theater masks with only the rare occasion does one get to see what he looks like. Despite the many terrible acts he commits, he is capable of being approached peacefully if you appeal to his better nature and possesses a keen knowledge on quite a few things. For those who are truly mad, he offers a contract that allows him to be summoned for combat and other scenarios if they are able to control the chaos.

Skills & Abilities

Supernatural Physiology The Jester has physical abilities alone that peak far above peak human performance. Where humans would tire from a day without sleep, he can last several days before he reaches complete exhaustion and needs to rest. His reflexes put most human warriors to shame, able to read movements and react without a second thought when he does actually fight. While it isn't exceptionally grand, he possesses a healing factor that allows him to shrug off most minor stabs and cuts within the hours and more extreme injuries within days depending on the severity.

Chaos Energy Manipulation The Jester can manipulate unstable chaos energy for a myriad of effects whether it is to simply induce chaos, create constructs from chaos energy such as clones, and a variety of purposes. While he is unstable as is, using such power causes his already unstable psyche to become more unstable if he over-exerts himself.

Sword Summoning The Jester can summon an numerous types of bladed weapons to him, usually six per summon depending on their size. Usually he will do this merely throw them at people, but when backed into a corner he is extremely