Xavier Mooncrest
Xavier Mooncrest
NameXavier Mooncrest
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On the surface, Xavier is an asshole with a penchant for picking on people, afflicting them with curses, and overall resenting anything that isn't dark and gloomy like himself. Though if you truly dive deep into his psyche, he's quite the opposite at his core. As a child he was a bit of an enigma since while normal kids would love sunshine, rainbows, and being happy he was obsessed with darkness, curses, and the occult which led him to eventually delving into teaching himself the arcane arts. He had a natural affinity for Shadow Magic, much to the dismay of those around him since when it came to actually putting his skills to practice and going on adventures many teams refused to let him join simply out of fear that he would betray them or do some kind of unspeakable acts. Alas, this often led him to taking small quests by himself and a dislike of other people to the point he often placed curses on people who dare tried to cross him. It wasn't until he grew older that he ended up growing lonely and sought out companionship which failed at every corner since most dubbed him malicious. As a substitute for company, Xavier often created creatures from the shadows to shower with affections while harboring great contempt for those around him.


Eternal Eclipse - Xavier's loyal staff he was gifted from his parents at a young age with a fitting name to match his preferred type of magic. It most often assists in allowing him to quickly cast most of his lower costing spells without a need to channel them as long.


Tier Low Spells - These spells have a relatively low mana cost, and low channel times, and are smaller scale in power making it difficult for them to take a toll on Xavier's mana pool unless as long as he is holding his staff:

Dark Fog - By concentrating on his surroundings and channeling feelings of dread, ribbons of darkness will quickly leave the tip of his staff until a medium-large sized shroud of darkness engulfs the area, blocking out light and reducing visibility.

Shadow Tag - While maintaining eye contact with something he want with mental focus on said object, he can then jab his staff forward to produce a solidified shadow arm from any shadow that's able to only grab that targeted object. This spell can be interrupt/released if either concentration and eye contact of the object are broken.

Silence! - Xavier maintains focus on an individual's mouth for a few seconds before uttering a word requesting silence. A small black bolt will fly from the tip of his staff and if it strikes them will mute any sound they make. It can be broken with sufficient willpower and naturally expires after ten minutes.

Dread Shield - Xavier raises his staff and shouts a word of defensive power while concentrating. The shadows around him quickly solidify into a shield that can absorb damage as long as he maintain concentration and supplies mana to sustain it. The more damaging the attack it absorbs, the higher the mana cost.

Terrible Fate - A simple curse that can be cast by pointing his staff at a target and speaking the words 'terrible fate' to bestow minor bad luck onto the victim. It could cause them to forget and lose objects, become clumsier, and all sorts of unfortunate things. The curse usually lasts for twenty-four hours or less depending on the person's natural luck.

Shadow Blast - A sphere of crackling dark energy that is small-medium size and fired from the tip of his staff. Upon striking most objects it yields a small explosion.

Mid-Tier Spells - These spells have a higher mana costs and take a little longer to channel even with his staff, but have far more more power but run a higher risk of depleting Xavier's mana should he be reckless with them.

Umbral Pulse - A simple, concentrated blast of dark energy from fired from the tip of his staff. It can either be a small burst or an extended beam with the latter costing more mana. The longer it is channeled, the more power it possesses making its mana cost vary.

Shadow Flyers - Xavier raises his staff above his head and concentrates for a brief moment to create up to five of these winged avian-like creature from any source of shadow. They resemble ravens in size but possess sharper talons, shaggier feathers, and a beak more in line with a typical raptor. They are swift in the air and can attack on their own without Xavier needing to control them, but only giving them a target. A single strong strike is enough to cause it to disperse.

Shadow Fire - After channeling for a brief moment, a plume of black fire is spewed outward in a large cone from the tip of his staff with the same properties of regular fire but with the added weakness of light-based attacks having a chance to dissipate them.

Nightmare & Me - If Xavier is able to claim anything belonging to a person, he can create a shadow copy of them. Depending on how much material he has to work with depends on the knowledge the clone possesses. If he's able to restrain the person long enough, a perfect copy can be made that knows most of what the original knows but lacks any sort of enhanced capabilities. If he were to recover something like a bit of clothing, or a handful of hair the most they could do is speak with their voice and resemble them.

High-Tier Spells - These spells have a lot of power, but a large mana cost to them and high channel time that make it impossible to use them in rapid succession.

Murderous Flock - A higher tier version of the Shadow Flyer spell. Instead of creating five of the shadowy birds, an entire flock of forty to fifty birds are created from any form of shadow. They will attempt to swarm and attack any target that Xavier sets his focus on with extreme aggression but like the lesser version it takes just a single hard strike to cause a bird to disappear.

Neverending Nightmare - Xavier concentrates all of his malice, contempt, and rage for a person while keeping his staff pressed firmly to the ground. A large-scale shroud of shadows will quickly overtake a large area while many shadow hands of varying sizes will attempt to pummel and beat down the target(s) of Xavier's ire, draining mana at as long as the spell persists.


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